My name is Jessica Willemse.  I am a registered Physiotherapist in Ramara, Ontario, Canada.  I work with patients in my clinic outside Orillia, and virtually with patients from all over Ontario. 
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Kinesiology (Hons) from McMaster University in 2011, and a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of British Columbia in 2013.  I am one of the few certified McKenzie MDT clinicians north of the GTA after completing my certification in 2018.  As of 2021 I am an Outcomes Accountable Clinician, one of the few worldwide, which allows me to track patient data and present cases weekly at Grand Rounds with the most experienced McKenzie therapists in North America.
My special interests in physiotherapy include spinal pain, sciatica and referred nerve pain, postural dysfunctions and correction, and arthritic joint pain. 
I am passionate about providing quality rehabilitation efficiently, focusing on client autonomy by decreasing passive care with the underlying goal of reducing my client's dependence on the practitioner.  Using the McKenzie system we can achieve long-lasting results by focusing on the underlying cause and therefore working not only on recovery, but just as importantly on prevention.